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Show me your dress

Pelican pictures – fine art photography

The feathering of this pelicans reminded me of beautiful dresses which they presented proudly, so I  took a lot of pelican pictures at that day in Hellabrunn… really a lot… 😉 Nearly every picture was accepted by photovogue and some of them made it to Best of!!!

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As I walk the river line

I walk along the river line

The sun shines down the parrot’s cry

I walk on by I’m feeling fine

Honey suckle makes me feel high

Two ravens caw as they fly by

Pelican I see, a magic bird

Magnificent and handsome too

I gaze at him my heart is stirred

Ducks float by of every hue

The sky above is purest blue

How calm, the river seems to be

On this morning filled with mystery

Copyright © peter duggan | Year Posted 2016


Hellabrunn Munich

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