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Between Blue Flowers

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with lovely Julia

little blue flowers sway in the breeze…


Little Blue Flower

Little blue flowers
Sway in the breeze
They yearn to be picked and loved
Just as all flowers should be
One day a boy picks the littlest one
Puts it on his lapel and walks to town
He knocks on the door of a young girl
Hands her the flower and runs away
The girl gasps as she studies the flower
By the flame in the dark of night
She picked up a book
Laid in the flower
To be hidden from day’s harsh light
There the little blue flower stayed in the dark
Until the day a woman opened the book
She picked up the flower in quivering hands
Tied it in her hair and went to a man
He gazed upon her smiling briliantly as the sun
But stopped upon seeing the little blue flower
He touched it and stared
A smile returning to his face
He embraced her
As the flower slipped
Down to rest in the final crypt
Though the flower lost
The love remains
One little blue flower
Set one heart to flame

Poem by Amy Wilbee


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